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  1. This is a daily hackathon meaning that users must submit the solution once every day in order to prevent penalty in the final score
  2. The final score will be calculated as a cumulative score of daily submissions
  3. Participants can only submit three solutions per day
  4. The daily submission window starts from 00:00 UTC (05:30 IST) to 22:00 UTC (03:30 IST) – [22 hours]
  5. This hackathon is strictly for educational purpose and the data sets provided must not be used for medical guidance or in commerce
  6. All registered a participants are eligible to participate in the hackathon
  7. One account per participant. Submissions from multiple accounts will lead to disqualification
  8. You will not be able to submit once you click the “Complete Hackathon” button. You may ignore this feature
  9. We ask that you respect the spirit of the competition and do not cheat 10. The time line for the hackathon is indefinite

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