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The so-called paradoxes of an author, to which a reader takes exception, often exist not in the author’s book at all, but rather in the reader’s head. – Friedrich Nietzsche

Books are open doors to the unimagined worlds which is unique to every person. It is more than just a hobby for many. There are many among us who prefer to spend more time with books than anything else.

Here we explore a big database of books. Books of different genres, from thousands of authors. In this challenge, participants are required to use the dataset to build a Machine Learning model to predict the price of books based on a given set of features.

Size of training set: 6237 records
Size of test set: 1560 records


Title: The title of the book
Author: The author(s) of the book.
Edition: The edition of the book eg (Paperback,– Import, 26 Apr 2018)
Reviews: The customer reviews about the book
Ratings: The customer ratings of the book
Synopsis: The synopsis of the book
Genre: The genre the book belongs to
BookCategory: The department the book is usually available at.
Price: The price of the book (Target variable)


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