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The submission will be evaluated on the basis of confusion metric i.e Accuracy.
There will be two accuracies to be calculated for the final accuracy, those are:
Accuracy on the basis of predicting between cats and dogs
Accuracy on the basis of predicting the right breed for them when one is already predicted.
So final score will be the average of these two accuracies.

Accuracy = (TP+TN)/(TP+TN+FN+FP)
Overall Accuracy = (Accuracy_1 + Accuracy_2)/2

Accuracy_1 = Score to predict Cats and Dogs
Accuracy_2 = Score to predict the breed of the image when either of them is already predicted.
Overall Accuracy = Average of the above two accuracies.

Submission File Format
Please do not change the format of the test file while submissions. Just fill up the columns for class_name and breed without touching any other data on the file


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