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How These Data Scientists Cracked Top Challenges

We speak to the winners of each hackathon to know about their data science journey and their approach to solve each problem.

They act as an inspiration to other machine learning enthusiasts in the community.

Meet The Winners Of MachineHack’s IPL Data Visualisation Challenge – A Data Analyst, A Software Engineer & A Data Engineer

See How A Sr. Analyst, A Tech Lead & Business Analyst Solved MachineHack’s “Predict The Flight Ticket Price” Hackathon

How MachineHack Users Solved The Uber City Traffic Visualization Challenge

How Great Visualisations Helped These Data Scientists Win A Unique Hackathon

How These Data Science Enthusiasts From Christ University Solved Our Insurance Products Hackathon

How Industry Mavericks Predicted Data Scientists’ Salary And Won Big

How A CTO, A Statistician & An Analyst Solved The Pets Breed Classification Challenge

How Two Persistent Data Scientists Aced AIM’s Author Identification Hackathon

How A Business Analyst, A Data Scientist & A Technology Lead Solved “Predict A Doctor’s Consultation Fee” Hackathon

Here’s the complete walkthrough of one of our Hackathons, by a member. We love great content that educate the larger community.
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