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Hire Data Scientists. Hire
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Organize Online Hackathons and recruit top participants

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    We create a dataset and problem statement keeping in mind your hiring needs.

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    We float the hackathon and invite the larger community to participate in it.

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    Shortlist top performers from the leaderboard and invite them for hiring process

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    Complete the hiring process and hire the best

How it works?

Tell us about your hiring needs and let us do the heavy lifting


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Why use Hackathons for Data Science Hiring

Reduces Time To Shortlist

Traditional hiring channels consumes more than expected time to recruit the right candidate. However, through Hackathons, an organisation has the opportunity of sourcing the right candidate within a week.

Testing The Hard Skills On-Spot

In a traditional hiring process, recruiters get a chance to test a limited set of skills. But in the case of hackathons, there is no limit to the set of skills one must-have and a participant gets the opportunity to showcase the talents and solve the given problem within a limited period of time.

Proving Skills Out of Comfort Zone

Irrespective of what the prize is for hackathon, the zeal to prove the best among community of developers is what differentiates hackathons from traditional hiring. The candidates get out of their comfort zones in order to prove their worth and passionately work on the problem.

Filter The Best

Hackathons provide a way to filter and sort the best data scientists and ML developers in a community engagement setting, which is otherwise not possible through traditional hiring methods.

Start hiring the best data science talent

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